When Your Stain Delivers, Word Gets Around

A few months ago, a customer approached me about staining his fence. He explained to me that he had an opportunity to receive a major discount on a product far inferior to Wood Defender™. After explaining the differences in quality between the two products, the customer still insisted on using the lesser product to save a few dollars. Shortly after our conversation I decided to give Roy from Wood Defender a call. I asked Roy if he would mind talking to the customer and explain the specifics between the two products. He was more than willing to help me out. The very next day, I received a phone call from the customer stating that he had spoken with Roy. He said he was ready for me to schedule the job, and he wanted to go with the superior choice, Wood Defender. I was able to get this job because of the excellent customer service displayed by Roy and the staff at Standard Paints Inc. Wood Defender will be the only product I use from now on. Not just because of the quality of the product, but the quality of business Standard Paints provides!


James Blanton

Watauga Fence Co.

I was an oilfield worker, and I was tired of being gone from home. I was home only about 5 days per month. I started looking at business opportunities and was told about Wood Defender by a friend of mine. I went to a Wood Defender seminar and was very impressed by the guys at Standard Paints. I decided to get out of the oilfield and give Wood Defender a try.

I’ve been in business for about 6 months now. The guys at Standard Paints are very helpful. They call back promptly and can answer any questions I have. The product is, by far, the best out there, and all of my customers have been very pleased with it. I look forward to a long working relationship with Standard Paints and Wood Defender.


Johnnie Grant

Classic Stain and Fence

We have serviced our customers for over 40 years, with the best fence products.  Our number one goal is to provide our customers with the best products, and the best customer service, at the best price. From the beginning, our customers would ask us about protecting their fence. At the time, we did not promote fence staining, simply because we didn’t have a product we felt met our level of standards.

We were introduced to Wood Defender about a year ago.  After researching their products, we instantly knew we wanted to partner with them.  We finally found a product we could provide to our customers that would protect and preserve their investment to the level we desired.  Our commitment to provide the best products, customer service and price was greatly enhanced by incorporating Standard Paints/Wood Defender in our company, for our customers!

A “BIG THANK YOU” to Standard Paints/Wood Defender – “Nothing Else Compares”…


Paige J. Ginn

Sales Manager / Stain Coat


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