At Wood Defender™, we not only make it easy to start your own business, we make it affordable. With portable spray systems starting at $1,145.20 and packages ranging from $8,322.11 to $16,796.08, we take all interested parties seriously. The fence-staining service business is very adaptive to each participating entrepreneur.

The Wood Defender Fence-Staining Opportunity has the potential to create revenue just after your graduation from our Wood Defender Training Class. With a profit margin averaging 70% over material cost, each job has the potential to make a serious dent in your initial investment. Our Wood Defender Training Class can show you how to properly stain 200 feet of fence in under an hour – and profit $652.29 while doing so.

Profit Per Gallon

175Square Feet Per Gallon Coverage
$24.38Cost Per Gallon
.40Square Foot Charged
.13Square Foot Cost
.26Square Foot Profit
$45.50Profit Per Gallon

Example Bid to Display Job Pricing, Material Cost, and Gross Profit Figures

Square Foot200 x 6 x 2400 square feet
Customer Charged2400 x .40$960.00
Coverage2400 / 17513 gallons
Material Cost13 x $24.38$316.94
Gross Profit$960.00 – 316.94$643.06

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